ZS 75 S


  • Metal enclosure
  • 2 or 4 contacts
  • Wire length up to 2 x 100 m
  • Release by push-button (VD), key (VS) or pull-ring (VZ) possible
  • Available without unlocking mechanism (per EN 60947-5-1)
  • Wire pull and breakage detection
  • Indicator lamps for various voltages are indicated in chapter accessories in the appendix
  • Indicator lamp position in the left side cable entry, other positions possible on request
  • Version with Dupline or Dupline Safe available on request
  • Ex version available
  • Version for low temperatures down to -40 °C with high degree of protection IP 67 available - see chapter / ZS 75 S IP67 -40°C Extreme >


StandardsEN 60947-5-1, -5;
EN ISO 13850; EN ISO 13849-1
Enclosurealuminium die-cast, enamel finish
Coveraluminium die-cast, enamel finish
Degree of protectionZS 75 S VD: IP 65
ZS 75 S VS: IP 54
ZS 75 S VZ: IP 67
to IEC/EN 60529
Contact materialsilver
Switching elements1 NC/1 NO contact, 2 NC/2 NO contacts or 4 NC contacts, type Zb
Switching systemsnap action, positive break NC contacts
Connectionscrew connection terminals
Cable cross-sectionmax. 2.5 mm² (incl. conductor ferrules)
Cable entry2 x M25 x 1.5
B10d (10 % Load)200 000
TMmax. 20 years
Uimp6 kV
Ui400 V
Ithe6 A
Utilisation categoryAC-15
Ie/Ue6 A/400 VAC
Max. fuse rating6 A gG/gN fuse
Ambient temperature–25 °C … +70 °C
Mechanical life> 100 000 operations
Indicator lampas option
Max. wire length2 x 100 m
Featureswire pull and breakage detection

Release by push-button

Type 物料号
ZS 75 S 1Ö/1S VD 1048339
ZS 75 S 2Ö/2S VD 1159425
ZS 75 S 4Ö VD 1048443

Release by key

Type 物料号
ZS 75 S 1Ö/1S VS 1048340
ZS 75 S 2Ö/2S VS 1168991
ZS 75 S 4Ö VS on request Produced to order.

Release by pull-ring

Type 物料号
ZS 75 S 2Ö/2S VZ 1182287
Type 物料号
Cable Tensioner System TS 65 1186621
Type 物料号
Indicator lamp glow lamp 24 VDC 1164937
Type 物料号
Indicator lamp 24 VAC DC 1348797
Type 物料号
Pulley 1041765
Type 物料号
Duplex wire clamp 1033248
Type 物料号
Egg-shaped wire clamp 1181896
Type 物料号
Compensation spring ZS 73/75 S 1187935