• 热塑性塑料外壳
  • sWave® 无线技术(SW868/SW915/SW922)
  • 不需要铺设线缆和管道
  • 通过锂电池供电
  • 接收器易于编程
  • 在接收器输出信号可单独配置
  • RF I/O可以与无线电感式传感器RF IS结合使用
  • 外部连接开关触点(无接触)需金触点。
  • 订购不包含保护盖。


外壳ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol)
连接方式4 x Plug-in connector M12 x 1, 4-pole
保护等级IP 67 符合 IEC/EN 60529
周围介质温度–20 °C … +65 °C
操作频率approx. 12000 telegrams at repetitions/h
Switching frequencymax. 5 Hz
Standby current60 µA
Voltage supplyLithium battery Tadiran SL-760; system Li/SOCl2;
Nominal voltage3.6 V
Capacity2.2 Ah
Frequency868.3 MHz or 915 MHz (USA, Canada and Australia) or 916.5 MHz (Japan)
Data rate66 kbps
Wireless rangeSW868/915:
max. 450 m outside,
max. 40 m inside
max. 150 m outside,
max. 20 m inside
Battery lifedepending on the switching frequency and number and type of sensors for 1000 transfers/day and one inductive sensor approx. 300 days; for 1000 transfers/day and one mechanical switch approx. 1400 days
Actuating timemin. 80 ms
NoteStatus signal adjustable via jumper, no, 10 s, 100 s, 1000 s, 10000 s
Delivery state: jumper position without status signal
Transmission of battery voltage and switching condition

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