RF magnet antenna 2dBi SMA plug-in connector straight 2 m

Accessories for Wireless products
物料号: 1470770
  • RF磁天线带有不带铁氧体磁芯的直SMA接插件连接器
  • 适用于SW868以及EN868
  • 线缆长度2米
  • 订购单位:1只


频率范围824 - 960 MHz, 1.7 GHz / 1.9 GHz
阻抗50 Ohm
增益2 dBi
尺寸Ø foot 29 mm,
height approx. 120 mm
线缆2 m RG174
连接器SMA (male)

Arrangement of receiver and switch antenna

Optimum    Possible       Unsuitable

mounting    mounting     mounting


Magnetic base antennae must be mounted on a
metal plate of min. 250 x 250 mm size.