Safety relay module SRM 21 RT2

  • 外壳宽度:22.5 mm
  • 2个常闭触点或1个常闭触点/1个常开触点可被连接
  • 反馈电路
  • 2个可用通道
  • 1个晶体管输出
  • 手动或自动复位
  • LED指示灯用于开关状态
  • 交叉线监测
  • 注释: 下单时请注意国家对国际认证的要求!


标准EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061;
EN 60204-1, BG-GS-ET 20;
EN 60947-5-1, -3; EN 61326-3-1
外壳black polycarbonate; polyamide terminal clamps V00, side parts PBT/PC Valox 357x, colza yellow
触点材质Silver, gold flashed
安装DIN rail mounting
连接类型screw terminals with + and - screws
线缆横截面min. 1x 0.5 mm² (AWG 20) including conductor ferrules, max. 1x 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) including conductor ferrules, 2x 1.5 mm² (AWG 16) including conductor ferrules
拧紧力矩0.8 Nm
防护等级enclosure IP 40, terminal block IP 20 to IEC/EN 60529, protection against contact to VBG 4
安全相关数据根据 EN ISO 13849-1: *
EN 60204-1stop category 0
EN 62061SIL CL 3
PFHd3 x 10-8 1/h
性能等级PL e
TMmax. 20 years
系统平均无危险故障时间> 113 years
DC/DCavg> 99 %
安全要求 nop
hop8 h/day
dop220 days/year
tzyklus30 s
额定工作电压 Ue24 VDC ±15 %
额定工作电流 Ie0.125 A
额定绝缘电压 Ui250 VAC
额定冲击耐受电压 Uimp4 kV
限制短路电流100 A
输入1 NC/1 NO contact or 2 NC contacts, 1 feedback circuit, 1 start input (monitored)
输出2 enabling paths, 1 transistor output as signalling output
Ie/Ue to EN 60947-5-12 A/230 VAC; 1 A/24 VDC
Ithe5 A
应用类别AC-15; DC-13
Ie/Ue to CSAB300/R300, 250 VAC
触点负载容量min. 10 mA
输入电流/电压类型22 mA/ 20 VDC
信号输出最大负载20 mA
短路保护power supply 2A slow blow, enabling paths 6 A gG/gN fuse
延时通电/释放≤ 20 ms
风险时刻≤ 0.5 s (switch-on delay)
迟滞时限 tv< 200 ms
机械寿命> 50 million operations
显示1 LED for supply voltage, 1 LED each for input A and B, 1 LED for authorisation
环境温度–22 °C … +55 °C
贮藏和运输温度–22 °C … +70 °C
相对湿度10 % ... 90 %
抗冲击性15 g
on request
注释Inductive loads (contactors, relays etc.) are to be suppressed by suitable circuitry.

* The safety-related data are based on a load of 24 V / 1 A / DC-1 for the enabling paths.
With higher load currents for the enabling paths and other requirement rates nop, the safety-related data vary from the given data and can be provided on request.
重量220 g


型号   物料号  
型号    物料号   
Safety relay module SRM 21 RT2 1179203
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