Data Privacy

Protection of personal data:

Under no circumstances will data be passed on to third parties without permission.

We will not collect any personal data whatsoever without permission. Persons ordering materials decide whether or not to supply us with personal data. This information will then be used to process an enquiry. It may be necessary to store personal data for continued customer relationship management purposes.




So-called cookies are used in different areas of our website. Cookies are small text files which are installed and stored on your computer by your internet browser. Their purpose is to make our website more user-friendly, more effective and more secure.

Cookies do not record any personal data, do not damage your computer in any way and do not contain any viruses.

The cookies we use are mostly so-called "session cookies", which are automatically deleted when you leave our website. Sometimes we also use permanent cookies, which are not automatically deleted when you leave our website.

You can prevent the installation of cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly. However, this may restrict the functionality of our website.

Piwik web analysis

For statistical analysis of visitors to our website, we use the analysis software Piwik. This analysis works with so-called cookies (text files which are stored on your computer). However, your IP address is anonymised, meaning that no personal data can be recorded.


本网站是使用谷歌分析,一个来自谷歌公司 (Google)web的分析服务。谷歌分析使用的"cookies",是保存在您的计算机里的文本文件,并能够从您浏览过的网站进行分析。在大多数情况下,通过您浏览过的网站信息生成的cookie会传送到美国Google的服务器上,并储存。通过您的浏览器,谷歌分析的IP地址是不会与其它谷歌的数据相组合。我们已在网站上升级谷歌分析,包括"IP匿名化"代码。这能保证您的 IP 地址被屏蔽掉,从而允许匿名方式获得所有的数据。在特殊情况下,才会将完整的IP地址传送到美国谷歌的服务器上,从而缩短IP地址。通过网站主机的命令,谷歌将运用此信息对您使用过的网站进行分析,编制有关网站活动的报告,通过连接网站与互联网,提供网站主机进一步的服务。您可使用浏览器软件,选择相关的设置阻止cookies的存

通过网站主机的命令,谷歌将运用此信息对您使用过的网站进行分析,编制有关网站活动的报告,通过连接网站与互联网,提供网站主机进一步的服务。您可使用浏览器软件,选择相关的设置阻止cookies的存 储,但这可能会影响您在本网站的操作。

This website uses Google Analytics reports on demographic characteristics in which data from interest-related advertising by Google as well as visitor data from third party providers (e.g. age, gender and interests) is used. This data cannot be attributed to a specific person and can be deactivated at any time using the browser settings.

此外,可防止cookie数据在您使用过的网站中生成(包括您的IP地址),以及谷歌会对此数据的信息处理。通过下载并安装浏览器插件,可参考以下的链接︰。作为浏览器的加载项,特别是与移动设备相连接的浏览器,您可通过谷歌分析的页面底部取消选中栏,从而阻止其数据被获取。设置opt-out cookie,是为了防止浏览网站时的数据被获取。opt-out cookie只有效在浏览器和我们的网站上,并将同时存储在您的设备上。如果您在浏览器已删除cookie,那必须重置退出 cookie。

另一方面,谷歌分析也适用于数据分析,关于统计方面,可双击cookies和AdWords进行操作。如果不想这样操作,您可通过广告设置管理器进行停用处理( 。

Contact Data Protection Supervisor

Contact person: Karl-Uwe Lüllemann
Company: SK-Consulting Group GmbH