Our region – Löhne in Westphalia

Our part of Westphalia – East Westphalia-Lippe (OWL) – is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany. Around 140,000 companies covering a wide range of industries provide approximately 1 million jobs. The rural parts of OWL are particularly strong economically and boast a good infrastructure as a result. A broad innovation network, comprising both universities and future-oriented market leaders in their respective branches, promotes the strength of the region and ensures that quality of life is high.

The landscape surrounding the region is very varied. The Wiehen Hills, the Teutoburg Forest and the River Weser – to name just three natural attractions – mean that hills, woodland and water are all close by.

The rural town of Löhne is the third largest municipality in the East Westphalian District of Herford, located in a triangle between the cities of Hanover, Osnabrück and Bielefeld. The proximity of these cities with all their associated advantages is very palpable, and yet at the same time the immediate rural setting provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation, communication, leisure activities and individual development.

Living in Löhne means having everything which is important close by: local services and amenities, schools, nursery schools, doctors and cultural facilities. Equally convenient are the motorways A2 and A30, both of which can be accessed by car in just a few minutes.

Löhne and surrounding area

Highlights – an overview


  • Museums and galleries, e.g. the MARTa art gallery in Herford, the Kemena mill museum or the Löhne museum of local history
  • Living history, e.g. the Emperor William Monument in Porta Westfalica
  • (Open-air) events and festivals
  • Exhibitions and readings
  • Concerts, poetry slams, theatre, cabaret, etc.


  • Wiehen Hills
  • Teutoburg Forest
  • Ravensberg Hills
  • Lippe Uplands
  • Rivers Weser and Werre


  • Indoor and outdoor pool complexes, e.g. Bali Therme or H2O
  • Excellent cycle paths and walking trails
  • Water sports and activities, e.g. canoeing
  • Climbing parks
  • GOP vaudeville shows, theatres
  • Potts Park fun park
  • Olderdissen & Herford animal parks
  • Aqua Magica public gardens & playground
  • Clubs for racquet sports, ball sports, horse-riding, etc.
  • Crazy golf and golf courses
  • Casino
  • And much much more...
MARTa art gallery Herford
River Weser
Climbing park Bad Oeynhausen
GOP vaudeville theatre Bad Oeynhausen
Emperor William Monument Porta Westfalica
Externsteine rock formation
Animal park Olderdissen
Bali Therme spa complex Bad Oeynhausen

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