Meditec products "Wireless"

For more than a decade, steute Meditec has been driving forward the development of control systems with cable-free signal transmission. "steute Wireless" is a remote control technology which can be used with all types of medical equipment and which is adapted to suit the special requirements of this field. It transmits on the universal, globally available 2.4 GHz waveband and has a very low energy consumption. In addition, it offers numerous safety functions, permitting e.g. operation of several wireless systems within one transmission zone, or acknowledgement when a control device is outside the transmission zone. Wireless communication improves ergonomic comfort – because the interface can be positioned freely – and also hygiene.

Wireless foot controls: The Wireless range includes wireless foot controls for various types of medical equipment. Wireless technology is now used in nearly all steute Meditec "Custom" projects, as well as for numerous switching devices in its "Classic" product line.

Wireless hand-held controls: The desired functions can also be triggered via a membrane keypad integrated in a remote control for the hand. Here, too, steute Meditec develops not only devices for serial production, but also customised solutions.

Wireless receivers: The human-machine interface for the medical device comprises the control itself and a compact wireless receiver. These receivers have a serial interface, digital switching outputs and two additional digital validation outputs. They have been especially developed for the requirements of medical equipment and – like the wireless controls themselves – have all the necessary approvals.