Philosophy & responsibility

As a community we are able to generate considerable innovative energy through our strong focus on solidarity, continuity and creativity.

Our philosophy

Approx. 450 employees are at the heart of our joint success. We show mutual respect and value those we work with – whether as colleagues within our company, long-term cooperation partners, customers or suppliers.

This enables us to unleash considerable innovative energy and pursue a creative approach. Our orientation is always the individual needs of our customers, and our focus is always a practical benefit.

Our responsibility

We are very aware of our responsibility to our customers, and this is also reflected in our products and solutions. We have made it our duty to produce only switches and sensors of the highest quality, guaranteeing top-level safety and reliability at all times. Their durability also means that we are contributing to a sustainable use of resources.


It is our mission to develop intelligent sensors, as well as ideal hard- and software system solutions for complex industrial and medical applications.


As providers of technological innovation, we have the vision to make a valuable contribution to the next stage of development in our core branches of industry, both now and in the future.


We pursue the strategy of providing our customers with efficient solutions of the highest quality, reliability and performance.

Our guiding principles


We see ourselves as drivers of innovation: we research, we develop, we push the boundaries of what is possible in order to drive our chosen segments forward in their next development steps.


We react dynamically to new requirements and implement customer wishes without delay. Challenges are our passion because they, and only they, allow us to grow.

Customer orientation

Our orientation is always the needs and wishes of our customers, and our focus is always the practical benefit to our customers. Our cooperative approach has been the cornerstone of successful and long-lasting business relationships for many years. 


We are team players and behave respectfully and helpfully, treating others as equals at all times. This is true both within the company and beyond. "Solidarity" is our lynchpin, as well as the foundation of a trusting and reliable collaboration.

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