Medical devices

With our certified user interfaces we are able to meet the high requirements existing for medical devices, while promoting realisation of the integrated OR through research and innovation.

Challenges posed by medical devices

Whether for diagnostics, treatment or prevention – medical devices are used in operating theatres, diagnostic imaging or doctors' surgeries every day and have to fulfil high standards with regard to hygiene, ergonomic comfort, safety, functionality and reliability. At the human-machine interface, even the smallest detail can be vital. This is why medical devices are subject to special safety and performance regulations, and why these standards must be adhered to so precisely.

With our products and monitored processes, we are able to fulfil these complex requirements and facilitate the precision control of individual medical devices by developing customised user interfaces.

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Heading towards the OR of the future

In the OR an increasing number of medical devices are used, and the many different resulting user interfaces increase the risk of error during surgery. The solution to this problem can be found in the "OR of the future", dynamically integrating all components.

steute Meditec is instrumental in realising this interoperability. As one of the leading user interface manufacturers for medical devices, and in collaboration with renowned universities, we develop and research the next generation of wireless foot controls with pioneering SDC (Service-oriented Device Connectivity) interfaces.

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Our fields of application

Each medical discipline, for example diagnostic imaging or ophthalmology, makes its own specific demands on a user interface. For all these different applications, we have therefore developed individually configurable foot switches, hand controls and wireless solutions.

application fields


X-ray / MRI / CT / Mammography
Laser devices
Operating tables / operating chairs

Medical devices and our expertise

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