Conveyor technology

We have developed products especially for conveyor technology, guaranteeing the safeguarding of conveyor belts at all times.

Challenges posed by conveyor technology

Constantly changing weather, gritty dust or strong vibrations from machines and plants: the challenges facing conveyor technology are enormous, for example in mining. The conveyor belts used in this field sometimes have to transport dusty raw materials and goods up and down slopes over distances of several kilometres – reliably. If in the process the conveyor belts are loaded unevenly, or if a conveyor belt does not move exactly in a straight line between the conveyor rollers, the belt alignment must be corrected immediately or the entire conveyor brought to a standstill.

In order to overcome these challenges, we have developed dust-proof and robust switching devices especially for the safeguarding of conveyor technology.

Reliable switchgear for the safeguarding of conveyor belts

Depending on the application field and the branch of industry, the switches need to be able to function on different conveyor belts in very rough environments, while at the same time being safe, corrosion-proof and robust.

This is one of the reasons why we developed our ZS 92 series. The products in this series are extremely heavy-duty and, with their die-cast aluminium or thermoset plastic enclosures, can be used anywhere.

The emergency pull-wire switch guarantees a reliable emergency stop function in larger plants, for example, while also monitoring wire breaks. The belt alignment switch monitors the alignment of conveyor belts. Both switching devices in this series are available with Ex protection and IP class 66/67.

Your partner for safeguarding conveyor technology

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